STARS Comprehensive Curriculum

The Comprehensive Curriculum is designed for an advanced training level to acquire more in-depth knowledge in regulatory science and to gain more information on different and especially innovative regulatory areas with the overarching goal to successfully develop novel medicinal products and technologies for patients. Target audience is researchers and healthcare professionals involved in medicinal development.

It is divided into five different modules. They will provide an overview of legislation, tools, approaches, standards and latest guidelines that are essential to develop innovative medicinal products with the required level of quality, safety, and efficacy to be marketed within the EU. This specialised education is crucial for professionals to develop a comprehensive understanding of the appropriate regulatory requirements related to their specific field of interest and of the timely use of the NCA support activities during the product development. Hence, professionals will be trained to identify and interpret the specific regulatory framework that will be crucial in driving forward their research to develop a new product.

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For more information on the content of the Comprehensive Curriculum modules and learning outcomes, please download the accompanying document.